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IDEP/CN8 continues in France
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The IDEP/CN8 package is the most installed Intrastat Data Entry application in Europe. It is distributed in 7 EU Member States and used by over 40.000 companies. Since the second half of 2012 the IDEP package is no longer distributed by DG Douanes, who focuses primarily on their web-form.
The distribution of IDEP/CN8 has been taken over by Revolux in Luxembourg.
We would like to use this opportunity to highlight the advantages of IDEP:

  • IDEP is constantly kept up-to-date with respect to EU Intrastat legislation. This is assured by close co-operation with European Statistical Institutes and Eurostat.
  • IDEP allows the import of data in many formats.
  • IDEP contains a CN8 browser with an index and keyword search facility.
  • The IDEP user interface exists in French and English.
  • Because IDEP is so widespread, the costs are very modest.
  • IDEP can be used by Third Party declarants (fiduciaries) as a package for reporting for multiple PSIs.
  • IDEP can be used by multinational operating companies.
    One package to report Intrastat for France, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Luxembourg, Sweden and Austria.

An annual fee for distribution (and optional support) is charged. At the beginning of each year an upgrade becomes available which will contain all legislation (including updated CN8-Tables) for the new year. The upgrade can be installed at any time, but only after the package is re-registered for the new year, declarations for that ne year can be created and sent in

Price:order your licence
97 EUR: one year license with one single technical support intervention.
One licence per client installation is required.
VAT is not applicable for non-Luxembourgish companies.

For more information on the limited technical support please check the frequently asked questions.

For companies already using IDEP not much will change. When your package performs an automatic upgrade for the most recent year you will be prompted for a licence code and receive a notification on where and how to obtain one. You can pay via transfer according to the invoice we will send.

If you want to start working with IDEP now, you can install it from here.
For more information please contact us at